I can. I will. End of story.

Unapologetically authentic.

I help people live fiercely authentic & healthy lives!

Aren’t you tired of feeling like shit?

Quite the title hey? I probably have your attention now.

Hi! I’m Fawn. I’m a ‘Healthy Living Cheerleader’.

I’m super passionate about helping women learn to love their body. I do this through teaching healthy eating, efficient exercise programs and self compassion. And I do it all with a healthy dose of humour & heart. This life is way too short, and way too precious, to take it too seriously or to spend energy on hating our body or ourselves.

I’ve helped thousands of people improve not only their health & fitness, but their whole outlook on life. I help change mind sets:) You see, I believe life should be about balance. Eat the damn chocolate! But don’t forget to exercise daily & eat healthy most of the time:) Make sense, right? I’m a real person, living a real life and just like you, trying to be the healthiest I can.

What does a Healthy Living Cheerleader do anyways?


I motivate people to be their best selves ever through exercise, healthy eating & a whole lotta self-kindness. Through my classes or my one-on-one training, online programs or pilates, I encourage people to be themselves, to love themselves and to make sure living healthy is a big part of their lives.


There’s so much for us to learn out there! What I do is bring the latest health & wellness information to my clients and participants. I’m constantly researching & reading what’s happening out there in the fitness industry and I share all that information with all my clients. You can be part of it by joining my email list and/or one of my online programs:)


I LOVE leading exercise classes! I teach Barre Workout, Pilates Mat Classes, Group Personal Training & I see private clients for one-on-one personal training. If you live where I do, come see me and I’ll make sure you get a fantastic workout! OR…..join one of my online programs and let me inspire you to perspire wherever you are;)
I LOVE Fawn because she is a real person who’s not perfect either! She’s a great cheerleader with good advice who wants to help you be the best you that you can be right now. Listen to her:)
Michelle Livaja

I believe in being authentic. I can’t help but be me! Being our authentic selves gives us freedom to live our life fully present. I buy into that 100%. I’m not perfect and don’t even try to be. And I don’t expect you to be perfect cause that’s just fucking boring. Do the things you love, be with the people who bring you joy, live each moment in your heart. When you can live being totally yourself, unapologetically, doing what you love…you wake up each day excited & full of energy. This is where I come from when helping you live a healthier & happier life.

So...how can I be a part of all this?

Join the FawnFit community:)

Join this free community here to get daily wellness tips, motivation, recipes, workouts and more! It’s a great way to know what I’m up to and a great way to be with like-minded people. Hey, it takes a village to get and STAY healthy:)


Ha ha! We all LOVE free shit, right!? Click here to go get some free downloads that can help you be at your fittest eva! Oh, and I offer many different online health & wellness programs that you can purchase. They are great programs to help you stay motivated and inspired and to learn new ways to exercise & eat! AND….they’re totally affordable!  Woot woot!


It’s time to focus on you! Your health really is your greatest wealth and only you can decide how you move through your life. I can help you with your goals:)

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