The most common complaint I get from women over 40 is how hard it is to lose fat and weight as we age. Sure, there is a bit of truth to that because our metabolisms do slow down BUT it does not have to be that way.

First things first, is you have to stop bullying your body into fat loss.

It’s another thing I see all the time is women start HATING their body. I’ll tell you right now that will screw with your head in the worst way. You don’t want to hate your body as it ages! We are so lucky we get to age, we must LOVE the changes and love our body for it. It’s time to treat your body better than you ever have!

The reality is, you can lose weight and burn fat even after age 40!

So let’s get to it and bust some myths about fat loss after age 40!

1. I have to do hours of cardio to burn fat

Yes, the body requires cardio to keep fit and healthy but copius amounts of steady state cardio won’t be an effective fat-loss tool. Ladies, if you are on the elliptical for hours or walking on the treadmill for hours, you are wasting your time. AND if you can carry on a conversation while doing cardio….forget about it!

Not only is it boring AF, it just won’t get at those stubborn fat stores you so badly want.

What you need to focus on is HIIT – high intensity interval training. Adding short bursts of intense sprints into your workout will be much more effective at burning fat. Jogging for 1 min, then sprinting for 30 seconds and repeating that 4-5x will not only take you less time BUT will also activate your fat cells.

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2. I have to drastically reduce my calories to lose weight.

Ugh. Just stop it. This is another thing women do age they age, is drastically cut their calories. All of a sudden lettuce is a main food group and they start reducing other things too. It doesn’t work!

Yes, you will lose weight but you will be miserable. That is no way to live. It’s true you need to watch how many calories you’re taking in because let’s face it, you are not  21 years old anymore. To burn fat after 40 you need to concern your self with what type of calories you’re eating. Increase protein, increase healthy fats and increase your greens. Get rid of all the crap (white stuff like sugar and wheat and rice etc), stop drinking so much wine and increase your water intake.

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3. Weight lifting will make me bulky

Bah! I friggin hate this myth. I’ve heard it all my life and if you think I’m bulky, well then I can’t help you.

But women, if you want to look better naked, lose fat and sculpt your body, YOU MUST LIFT WEIGHTS! And not little peasly 3lb ones (unless you’re in a Barre class then yes, choose those) but in your actual ‘strength training’ sessions, you must lift a weight that challenges your body.

Lifting weights will not only firm your muscles, it will increase your body’s ability to burn fat at rest. The more lean muscle you have on your body, the higher your metabolism. And you will look better! It improves your posture, keeps your bones strong, improves your flexibility & joint health as well.

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Your healthy living cheerleader,