Stop believing that after age 50 your metabolism is shot. I hear this from women all the time and it is simply not true.

If you are healthy with no underlying conditions, you CAN boost your metabolism after the age of 50.

Yes, our metabolism slows down with age (approximately 10 percent per decade after age 20) but you can still rev it up. Good news, right?! It takes work but trust me, you can get toned and fit and have a midsection again. But it takes work!

If you follow these 5 steps consistently, you will see your metabolism increase within 12 weeks. Yes it takes that long…it’s a process you have to stick with.

Step One:

Strength train 4x a week. I know you have heard this a billion times but that’s because it is true. When you consistently strength train, you increase your lean muscle mass. When you have more lean muscle, your body has to increase its metabolism to burn calories. And you must lift heavy enough to challenge your muscles to grow.

You must start to learn to love strength training in order to boost your metabolism. And when you are lifting you have to lift heavy. No 5lb bicep curls (unless you’re doing a barre class)…go pick up the 15 & 20lbs. Get yourself a trainer if you don’t know where to start. (I know a great one!)

Step Two:

Increase your protein intake. Every meal should have a protein source in it. Protein takes more work for the body to digest and in order to do so, increases it’s heat production. Increasing its heat production increases metabolism. There’s tons of debate over exactly how much protein one needs, but everyone can agree that protein is essential at each meal.

Step Three:

Move more. And often. Have you ever heard of NEAT? Non Exercise Activity Thermogenisis. Basically, it means calories burned outside of structured exercises. Things like gardening, walking, cleaning, washing your car….anytime you are not sleeping or sitting counts toward NEAT. And guess what? The more you move, the more calories you burn and the higher your metabolism goes.

Step Four:

Take your sleep seriously. There is growing evidence that sleep loss and sleep disorders have a significant impact on metabolism. When you lose sleep, your hormones get altered which can cause an increase in the ‘hunger hormone’ and a decrease in the ‘happy hormones’. When hormones are out of whack, metabolism take a kick in the can.

Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Aim for 8 hrs. Don’t look at your devices one hour before bed. Stop drinking alcohol before bed.

Step Five:

Have small meals often throughout the day. Okay, okay…I know! There is so much information out there regarding diet that it can get overwhelming! But trust me, when you eat 5-6 small meals a day, your body has to work harder to burn it off. And that increases your metabolism.

This is what I did for every figure competition I was preparing for and my metabolism was on fire. And now, at 51, I started eating that way again and boom! Metabolism up, body fat down! I like that equation don’t you?

Think about your body like a fire place. When you light a fire, you add wood. To keep it going, you keep adding wood. And it gets hotter and hotter. If you filled it once with wood, would you expect it to continue? No. It goes out. Same as your metabolism. Keep it stoked to keep it going.

Bonus Step Six:

You. Must. Be. Consistent.

If you only half-ass your efforts, you will get half-assed results. Well, not even half-assed results….you just won’t see results and you’ll get frustrated and quite. Like you have before. Commit to at least 12 weeks to see a difference. That’s how long it takes to feel the difference, see the difference and create sustainable habits.