September has always been a favourite month of mine. I’ve always liked the ‘new-ness’ of it. The idea of new beginnings always appeals to me. Starting fresh.

I was one of those kids that was super excited about the start of school (until high school that is;) because everything was ‘fresh’…new pencils, new binders, new paper…everything all crisp and looking beautiful. And the opportunity to take new courses & join new clubs…I just loved it.

I feel pretty much the same way about September now with getting my kids back to school and starting a new Fall schedule for myself.

Even though September can be super exciting it can also be pretty stressful for a lot of people as well. In fact, I think the first 2 weeks of September is a bit crazy making. Especially if you have younger school-aged children. You spend all your time getting your kids organized with their schedule of school & extra-curricular activities that often your own schedule falls to the wayside.

Here are five tips on how to get yourself organized into a fitness routine this busy month of September.

#1. Relax.  That’s right. Just relax about it. Getting yourself all stressed out because you haven’t organized your schedule yet is not going to help you one single bit. It will only be crazy busy for a small amount of time that first week or two and then it’ll settle down and you can focus on you. So breathe & relax.

#2. Be realistic. Not sure about you but I get a tad excited about all the new things I could be doing and I want to do them ALL. I want to go to Crossfit classes & take adult ballet lessons & join a mastermind group and run 5x a week and maybe start a course on human behaviour and and and…..  Reality check! I can’t do it all. Despite my best efforts I just simply can’t fit it all in. So I sit down with my calendar and my kids calendar and look at what’s really realistic. When my kids are with me for the week, I want to be home with them so I simply can’t commit to anything during that time. And that’s okay. I can schedule things in when they’re not at home.

#3. Set your priorities. My priority (after my kids of course) is my own fitness & health AND growing my business. So, when I set up my calendar, I set up those things first. I’d love to start taking courses on human behaviour but right now, it’s not one of my priorities. I put it on ‘later on down the road’ list and focus on what needs to be done right now. So sit down & make a list of what your true priorities are when it comes to your health & fitness. And then plan around your top 3 priorities.

#4. Schedule in your fitness. I’m a bit of a broken record about this tip but seriously, it works. In all honesty, I don’t believe anyone who says they have no time for exercise. They just haven’t figured out how to schedule it in. Listen, if you have time to watch Netflix (or my new favourite Shomi), you have time to exercise. Take out your daytimer, sit down & WRITE IN your exercise time. Treat it like any other appointment you MUST keep. And then just do it whether you feel like it or not. That will help you establish a habit and routine of exercise.

#5. Choose something you like.  Seems simple right? Find what you love and do it. It’s WAY easier to stick with what you like as opposed to what you don’t. Maybe your jam is Barre Workouts or maybe it’s a dance fitness class or weight lifting.  Whatever fires you up, do that. You’ll be more inclined to stick with it and to make the time to do something you like.

Remember, anything worth doing takes a bit of planning and a bit of work. So do the work and you’ll be reaping the rewards in no time.

Keep it sexy, beasts:)