Hello. It is I again, your Healthy Living Cheerleader reminding you that ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’.

Yeah, yeah, I know….you’ve heard it from me a gazillion times already.

But it’s my job to be a nag about such things so there ya go!

And because I LOVE you so, I have put together a Fall Fitness Planning Worksheet that is super helpful when it comes to figuring out when, where & how you will be exercising. (Insert applause & accolades here;)

Just fill in this form to receive them:)

Now, once you have them, fill them out! ¬†Make a cup of tea and sit down and write. The first page will help you identify what your health & wellness goals actually are by making you realize what it is you want to focus on. The 2nd page helps you to fit it into your schedule and the 3 & 4th pages are some helpful mindset questions for you to get into about WHY you want to exercise.I’m telling you, if you fill these out, your schedule will fall into place and then you’ll feel super successful and excited about September!

Enjoy the last week of August everyone:)

With much (nagging) love,