First, I have to tell you there’s not going to be a million pictures of me making this dish. OMG I can’t stand those recipe blogs where you have to scroll down the page for approximately 1 whole day to get to the actual recipe & directions. Just give me the goods!

I don’t need a picture of an avocado. I know what they look like! Also, I’m not a pretty cook. Wait! I’m pretty, it’s just my cooking is not. (LOL;) It’s messy and I use a lot of dishes and I get stuff all over the place. Nobody ¬†needs to see that mess. Another reason I don’t add a gazillion pictures is I get this major feeling of ‘fail’ when I see how pretty someone else has made a dish look and mine, although always yummy, does not look like that at all! I don’t want you to feel that way so you get a real picture, in real time, of what I’ve made.

In my recipe blogs, you’ll get 1 picture of the dish I make and if you’re lucky, it will look pretty. Deal? K, good. But seriously, be your own creative chef…it does not have to look exactly like mine.

One of my go-to every-day breakfast meals is Green Eggs & Avocado Scramble.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dish and seriously eat it almost daily when I don’t have to rush (on my rushing days it’s usually 2 hard-boiled eggs).

Not only is this recipe friggin delicious, it’s super easy to make and pretty economical as well if you don’t use the avocado. This recipe is high in protein and high in healthy fats (if using avocado). I don’t have all the nutritional values below nor the calories because I honestly don’t count calories and I don’t have the time to put together all the stats. I’ve never had time to do all that.

Here’s the recipe!


1 tbsp olive oil

2 whole eggs

1 cup whatever greens you have in the fridge (I use frozen chopped greens because it’s easy or I use the pre-washed and bagged spinach…again, easy)

1/3 cup cheddar cheese

1 avocado

salt/pepper/red chili flakes to taste

salsa to taste


Heat up olive oil in a smallish pan. Once warm, throw in your choice of greens. Saute up for 5 mins. Meanwhile, crack your eggs into a bowl and use a fork to whip up. Sometimes I add in an extra egg white or two for more protein. You can either purchase ‘boxed’ egg whites or purchase this cool little tool that separates them for you! Once the greens are wilted, throw in the eggs. Don’t touch that for about 5 mins. Once the eggs start to cook on the outside, grate up a bit of cheese (optional) and put on top of eggs. Let that cook 1-2 mins then scramble up the whole mixture in the pan and cook until eggs are no longer runny.

Serve with a cut up avocado on top & some salsa if you like. This makes one serving or you can split it into 2 portions.

That’s it! See how you can really vary it up? Maybe throw in some mushrooms too or some green onions. Sometimes I snazz it up with pickled jalapeno slices. Yum!




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