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Let’s Get Started!

If you are feeling overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve been out of the exercise habit and need to get into again. Or you are stuck in a continual loop of negative thinking. Then let’s start you on your wellness path with Health Coaching.

Once you begin, you will feel energized, strong and wanting more!

Health Coaching programs are all about empowering you to create healthy habits. You’ll get weekly coaching and accountability to ensure you stick with it. With Fawn in your corner cheering you on, you’ll be motivated to keep going!

When you sign up for Health Coaching, I will teach you the essentials to overall wellbeing. We will dive into all areas of your life and focus on the whole package – mind, body & soul. We’ll identify habits you need to ditch and habits to create! 

Together we will create a customized and SUSTAINABLE wellness plan for you that actually fits into your life.

And we will dive into all areas of your life – including the foods you eat, thoughts you think, how you breath and other challenges and resistance you have to feeling healthy and happy in your body and life.

  • Learn how to be in tune with your body and it’s natural hormonal cycles.
  • Learn why intuitive eating is key to your success.
  • Create a healthy relationship with movement and exercise so it becomes part of your life naturally.
  • Understand cravings, why deprivation will never work, and how to nourish your mind, body, and soul.
  • Create a loving relationship with yourself and food, and learn why self-care is a must.
  • Understand how toxins affect your health and weight loss.
  • Learn how to breath your way into a healthier life

All Coaching Programs Include:

A Customized Program

I will design a program for you that not only works for your lifestyle but one that will be sustainable! I will look at the whole picture and determine what needs to be focused on and when.

We will set goals and create actionable plans in order for you to achieve them!

Weekly Sessions

During our weekly 30-minute coaching sessions we will go over your goals and plan for the upcoming week. We’ll also deal with issues that come up, habits that are holding you back and what to tackle for the upcoming week.

The weekly session is to focus on the goals set in our initial consultation and throughout the sessions.

Daily Accountability

Expect daily check-in & cheerleading texts to keep you on track and motivated.

Having someone holding you accountable to your goals will inspire you to stay at it!

Weekly handouts, recipes, videos, meditations and support.


Once you invest in your wellness with a health coach, you will see results!

AND they’ll be lasting & sustainable results!


Your Investment

1-Hr Consultation


4-Session Packge


8-Session Packge


12-Session Packge


I LOVE Fawn because she is a real person who’s not perfect either! She’s a great cheerleader with good advice who wants to help you be the best you that you can be right now. Listen to her:)
Michelle Livaja