Pilates with Fawn Gill

The Fountain of Youth.

Well not quite, but that’s what my clients call Pilates.

Pronounced pu-la-teez, Pilates is an amazing form of exercise that anyone can do.  Done consistently, pilates can strengthen your abdominal muscles, increase your flexibility & strength & improve your posture.

Pilates will also help you ‘rock’ your jeans (and hey, who doesn’t want that;)

Take Pilates and you will feel an almost immediate improvement in your body. It’s safe & effective for all level of fitness, any age & for anyone dealing with injuries or physical issues.

You can ‘do’ pilates in many ways. Take a group mat class, take a group reformer class or book private sessions with me where we’ll do both mat & reformer.


* Flattens & strengthens abdominal muscles

*Increases core strength & stability

*Increases body awareness

*Is easy on the joints

*Can be customized for everyone from rehab clients to elite athletes

*Improves sport performance

*Improves balance, coordination & circulation

“In 10 session you will feel a difference, in 20 you will see a difference and in 30 sessions, you will have a brand new body.” Joseph Pilates

*to book your pilates appointment, contact Fawn Gill at fawn@fawngillfitness.com

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Five years ago, I was overweight and aching every day from the pains of commuting, desk work, and tension. Then one day I pulled my back – literally lifting some “old baggage” – and was in constant discomfort. My wife – previously afflicted with back pain, and already a devotee of Fawn Gill – convinced me to try Reformer Pilates with Fawn (please note that at that point in my life, I had “gone to the gym”,  maybe a ½ dozen times).  And now, I am a devotee as well. Fawn accurately alerted/warned me in our 1st session that Pilates would be – “a journey in self-exploration”. The Reformer work with Fawn has not only been that but has also provided a really secure base to expand my other personal fitness goals. Pilates with Fawn has been a cornerstone in my success in turning-around my health and fitness. I recently moved to Toronto and have started with a new, highly specialized, Pilates trainer, who is also great. But what I have discovered is that what Fawn provided me was state-of-the-art and true to the principles of pilates. More importantly, she has helped me create the building blocks of my active health and fitness efforts. I would resoundingly recommend her to anyone wanting informed guidance in mid-life physical fitness.

Vikram Dua



Invented by Joseph Pilates, the reformer is a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back & for the on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs. The springs provide choices of differing levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame.

Body weight and resistance of the springs are what make the carriage more or less difficult to move. The reformer is adjustable for differing body sizes and for differing levels of skill.

*to book your pilates appointment, contact Fawn Gill at fawn@fawngillfitness.com
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“Pilates with Fawn has made me stronger in many ways. The exercises target many different muscles including core, and some I never knew I had!  Pilates has reduced my lower back pain to almost nothing. The added benefits are that you look and feel better. The class is fun and relaxed and laughter is common while Fawn inspires you to go for it.”

Irene Paulus, 52

Graphic Designer


Fawn introduced the community of Bowen Island to Pilates in 2000 and has been teaching her popular (and often sold out) classes ever since.

With over 20 years experience as a certified personal trainer, pilates instructor & fitness instructor, Fawn is a highly skilled instructor with a very keen eye. She brings her years of experience of working with the body to each & every session.

Her classes are well known for being non-intimidating, fun yet challenging, and appropriate for all levels of fitness. Fawn takes great care to make sure everyone at every level gets a great pilates experience. Oh and there’s always a lot of laughter in her classes:)

Fawn challenges you to do your best without feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing. Participants LOVE that her classes are always different & interesting with a major focus on form & alignment. And don’t worry…you’ll be sure to feel your ‘core’ in her classes.

Fawn begin her own pilates journey back in 1997 when she took her very first mat class. She received her Stott certification in 2005 and continues to attend pilates workshops & conferences to provide her clients with up-to-date curriculum. She is the founder & owner of  Fawn Gill Fitness & past owner of The Gym on Bowen.

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To book your private session with Fawn, email her at fawn@fawngillfitness.com.

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