The FawnFit Healthy Life Workbook




Stay on track with all your wellness goals with The Fawn Fit Healthy Life Worksheets.

Receive 7 worksheets geared to help you stay on track with your exercise & healthy eating.

  • A weekly workout plan to organize your workout days
  • A time blocking worksheet to help you fit it all into your day
  • Sunday planning worksheets to help you organize your week ahead AND reflect on your past week
  • A healthy pantry shopping list to help you ensure you have all the right ingredients in your fridge & pantry for a healthy week
  • A workout program card so you can keep track of the exercises you’ve done plus the reps & sets & weight lifted
  • A daily healthy habits checklist to help you remember small daily health tips you can do to live a healthier life
  • A meal planning worksheet to help you stay organized with your meals.


‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’ So true! Set yourself up for wellness success with easy to follow worksheets to help keep you on track!


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