What a thought

Dressing for your shape instead of your size! I LOVE it!

When I was in Toronto in April, my daughter and I went to a little clothing boutique and the featured picture was on the wall.

It’s beautiful! Shop your shape, not your size.

We get so caught up in the whole ‘I’m a size 6’ thing that we forget that that, doesn’t really matter.

How many times have you gone to try on jeans and you’re usually a 28 but in another brand you’re a 30? Or a 25? And what the f**k is a 00? A double zero? How is that even a size? Does that make me invisible?

None of it makes sense. And if all the manufacturers are just making up whatever size they want then why would you even get stuck on what ‘size’ you are?

Instead of worrying about what size you are, how about celebrating your shape?

Got some crazy long legs? Show them off with skirts. Got amazing cleavage? Wear low cut tops and show them puppies off! Well defined arms? Tank tops! Bubbly booty? Tight skirts!

It is time we celebrate what our mammas gave us! Not trying to fit into some number that screws with our head.

I have approximately 1 million pairs of Lululemon tights.  They are each the same size. Why? Because I HATE trying on clothes. I know size 4 fits, so I grab a pair with the style and colour I like and then I leave.

Some of those tights, I have to literally stuff myself into which ends up making me feel like a sausage. And the extra jelly around my belly spills out the top of them. On those days, I will wear lose tank tops to cover that up. LOL. And those are also usually the day my laundry is crazy behind and I have no more clean clothes.

My preferred tights, which are ALSO a size 4 just like the other ones, slide right on and make me feel like a well-toned warrior.

Get my point???  They are all the same size, by the same company, but some fit better than others for whatever reason.

Stop worrying about the numbers and just start focusing on feeling healthier and better and more fit. Yes, some of us need to lose weight. BUT the wrong way to go about it is to FOCUS solely on the number.

The most effective way is to focus on how you FEEL, nourish your body, celebrate your shape & that’s when everything starts to fall back into alignment.

As it was recently said by Bishop Michael Curry “There’s power in love. Don’t underestimate it.”

That love includes your body:)

Sent to you with love,

Fawn Gill
Your Healthy Living Cheerleader

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