You know what I’m sick of?
Endless ‘to do’ lists. That’s what I’m sick of.

Every day I write down what I’m supposed to get done that day. Kid stuff, Work stuff, home stuff, life stuff….stuff, stuff, stuff. It’s friggin endless. Kind of like the laundry! LOL.

Here’s the thing. When I look at that list the end of my day, I maybe have crossed off 2 (if I’m lucky) items. I often end up not feeling very successful.

But when I think about my day, I got a lot of shit done! Stuff that wasn’t even on my ‘to do’ list. Important stuff!

So then one day I was listening to a podcast with Gretchin Rubin. She’s the author of The Happiness Project and The Four Tendencies which are  fabulous books! In her podcast, she mentioned a ‘Ta Da’ list.

Mic Drop!

This spoke volumes to me! A ‘Ta Da!’ list along with (or instead of) a ‘to do’ list! How flipping brilliant is that!

The idea is to write down your accomplishments at the end of the day rather than focusing on what didn’t get crossed off the to do list. How awesome is that!

You all know I’m a big believer in self compassion so the idea of a ‘Ta Da!’ list just completely works with that.

So, I think you should trade in your ‘to do’ list for a ‘Ta Da!’ list!

Of course, I have put one together for you to download. (Send me your

and I’ll send you the Ta Da list all done for you:)


  • Print off as many as you need. (or you can also just write the title ‘Ta Da’ in your journal;)
  • Keep them on your bedside table.
  • At night write down all the stuff you accomplished in the ‘Ta Da!’ area. (In the morning write down your ‘To Do’ list, but we are focusing here on what you accomplished).
  • Compare your two lists, your ‘Ta Da!’ with your ‘To Do’ and notice just how much stuff you got done!!!
It’s just another way to feel super positive!

I hope you enjoy it!

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading and remember……

stay sexy!

Your Healthy Living Cheerleader,


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