“I am a longtime runner and very amateur triathlete.  I have a degree in Kinesiology and work in the health industry.  I thought I was all that and a bag of chips with my tired old strengthening routine!  Boy was I wrong.  I joined Fawn’s “Women on Weights” class and it was just the kickstart I needed!  I felt an immediate improvement – it shook up my routine and brought attention to correct form.  I felt much more comfortable in my stride and my running posture improved just through the core strength gains.

So, I casually mentioned that I was focussing on leaning out my legs. Fawn immediately rattled off at least 5 pieces of advice, just off the top of her head.  I am now running faster and stronger than ever.  My average pace has dropped at least 30secs per kilometre – but the most important thing is that running is so much less painful!  I wasn’t even aware I was suffering until those niggling aches disappeared. And I’ve dropped about 5 lbs! Fawn’s amazing knowledge base and infective enthusiasm have made a huge difference in my overall wellness as well as my fitness!”

Tamsyn Hendricks, Bsc (Kin), CPed C

Certified Pedorthist

“Part personal trainer, nutritionist, healthy chef, life coach, Pilates instructor and fitness cheerleader – I love working with Fawn. Her engaging and vivacious personality makes classes fun and her love of a healthy lifestyle is quite simply, infectious. I’m the kind of person that needs motivation and she has an abundance of ideas and tips that keep me going. I started working with Fawn in 2012 with a bad back due to many long hours on the computer and after just a couple of months, realized how even the smallest efforts can yield big results. I feel better, I look better, I think more clearly – next year will be my healthiest one yet. Thank you Fawn!

Elena Verlee

PR Blogger, PR in Your Pajamas, , Owner, Girl Two Doors Down, President and Founder, Cross Border Communications

“Pilates with Fawn has made me stronger in many ways. The exercises target many different muscles including core, and some I never knew I had!  Pilates has reduced my lower back pain to almost nothing. The added benefits are that you look and feel better. The class is fun and relaxed and laughter is common while Fawn inspires you to go for it.”

Irene Paulus

Graphic Designer

“Fawn has a can-do attitude that is contagious. She shows incredible respect for me & my body. She has so much energy that it lights up the room & everyone in it.”

Penny Naldrett

Marketing Consultant

“As a direct result of Fawn’s coaching, I have regained full mobility in my injured shoulder and those nasty back spasms are now a thing of the past.”

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, 60

Visual Artist

“Fawn Gill has had one of the greatest impacts on my rowing career. She is the reason I was able to move from a club rower to a varsity athlete and then onto the national team to compete for Canada. Without her I would not have been able to make my dreams come true. She cares so much about the people she trains, and she shows her clients what it means to always give110%. She treats each client with respect, dedication and spirit, and she allows all those working with her to reach their full potential and beyond. Fawn shows that there is no such thing as “can’t” and I could not ask for a better trainer, or person. If you want to get fit, strong, and learn how to be the best you can be, then there is no one better than Fawn Gill.”

Meghan Robinson,

Rower, Competed for Canada at the U23 World Championships in Linz, Austria (2013), Canadian University Championships inVictoria BC, Welland ON, Vancouver BC and Montreal QC (2010-2014), and the Commonwealth Games in Strathclyde, ! Scotland (2014).

There are very few “moments” we have that genuinely change our lives when you consider we get roughly 28000 days. One of those life changing moments looked at me, prone on the couch, binge watching Breaking Bad or some such, almost definitely snacking and said “Honey, Fawn Gill is offering a 30 Day guided fitness program.” I sat up, waited for my pulse to return to normal and wheezed over to The Gym to sign up.

I’m embarrassed to say how much weight I lost- it was a lot. But more importantly I could enjoy everything more and was no longer afraid of a steep walk or a friendly game of soccer. It was not easy. I doubt I could have had the 180 shift were it not for the friendly, nonjudgmental vibe that permeates Fawn’s awesome facility. Fawn is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable mentor/coach. I owe the undoubtedly extended number of days added to my life to her and it is no small gift to have days added to your life.

Take this opportunity. Seriously, the time to get fit is always going to be ASAP.


Stefan Wrenshall

“Fawn has a way of constructing information in a way that is simple and achievable. I really liked the private Facebook group she organized because it helped me feel a part of what other people where doing and what they were having challenges with.”

Kim Keating

” I appreciate that Fawn is a mom & business owner just like me. She gets how challenging it can be to fit it all in. Because of that, fawn is an expert at designing fast, effective workouts that get me results. She’s super positive & a wealth of knowledge.”

Cheantelle Harding

Owner, Frame of Mind Fine Art & Framing Inc., Vancouver, BC

Fawn’s program gave me the necessary ingredients to begin and to continue a regimen of healthy eating and regular exercise. Motivating support combined with a fabulous combo of tasty recipes (and shopping lists!) and an energizing, doable exercise plan makes feeling successful easy. The plan makes sense and the upbeat but realistic coaching helps it happen.
Laura Robertson, 59


I started Fawn’s program not knowing what to expect but also knowing that my food choices needed an overhaul. I was a bread, pasta, caffeine ad dairy junkie when I started…and many days I think all of my meals centred around these items. Within 2 weeks, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a while. Clarity. And looser clothing…but that almost seemed secondary.  I was drinking a ton of coffee and not getting enough sleep. I was wired and tired which doesn’t work when you work full time and have 2 energetic little people around. I am completely surprised at how ‘easy’ a change this has been. I’m no longer having the 3:00pm crash, I am not starving hungry, I’m sleeping better, I feel and look stronger, I’m calmer, clearer and more focused. And I feel amazing. When I started, I was running a few mornings a week and getting bored. The workouts in this program are challenging, targeted and quick!  Between the recipes, the workouts and the ongoing coaching, I have felt completely supported every step of the way. This is not a fad diet, or a ’21 day fix’. These are real life changes that once you see and feel the results, you will not look back. I thought this would be difficult to manage with my family but they are also right on board and it’s been something that we all share. I cannot say enough about the program and specifically about Fawn. She is a motivator, a cheerleader, a wealth of information and best of all…she’s the real deal. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in feeling and looking better from the inside out. ‘
Noelle Mori, 48

“I decided to sign up for Fawn’s Look Better Naked course hoping for some sort of trigger that would help me reset my nutrition and fitness habits to something more life supporting.  Somehow I had slipped into poor habits that were dramatically impacting how I felt and what I could do.  I had been trying everything, unsuccessfully, for several months to reverse the negative trajectory that I was on.  LBN turned out to be just the ticket.  I loved the camaraderie of the group and Fawn’s daily cheerleading – invaluable.  I learned from Fawn’s abundant and organized program material as well as other members’ tips and tricks.  I appreciated Fawn’s low pressure but encouraging “do what you can manage” coaching.  Best of all, in 10 weeks I gained strength, new healthy habits and I lost 14 pounds.  Fawn delivered value well beyond my expectations.  Me (and my future self) are extremely grateful.”

Denise Lawson

Owner, Windshift Website Design