You keep making the same choices.

That’s why you’re not getting results. And it’s why you keep having to start over.

Ultimately, if you want to change any aspect of your life, you have to start making different choices.

If you keep making the same choices, you will keep getting the same results.‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over but expecting different results’. (Interesting fact: This quote is often attributed to Albert Einstein, but he actually never said that. Look it up;)

And we know this, but WHY do we keep making the same choices?

All of the above.

Here’s a story for you.

Suzie has been wanting to get fit for quite some time now. Currently, she’s super busy with kids, work, volunteering, etc. etc. So, right now she can only get to 1-2 fitness classes a week. That’s great for her but she really wants to up her exercise and fit in at least 5 workouts a week. She’s also very keen on changing her eating habits by eliminating wine in the evening and stop snacking.

She figures out that she could add extra workouts into her week on her lunch hour and 1 day on a weekend. She also decides she won’t drink any wine that week and will get rid of all the junk food in the house.

All is well the first week. She gets her workouts in, sticks with healthy eating and feels awesome & successful. ‘I’ve got this‘, is her mantra.

The 2nd week starts out with great intention but then on day 3, she’s stressed and tired and decides to go home instead of the workout. Just like she always did before the big plan. And on the way home because she’s had a rough day, she picks up a bottle of wine. ‘I deserve this’, she says to herself. She’s too tired to cook so she orders in pizza for the family.

‘I’ll get back on track tomorrow’ she decides. But tomorrow comes and she’s a bit hung-over and feels bloated from the wine & pizza so she decides to not workout until the next day. She actually goes to a fitness class the next day but picks up sushi on the way home for dinner.

What’s happening with the above scenario? Suzie is slowly slipping back into old patterns.


Because she’s making the same choices. Comfort choices. The decisions she’s made all ‘comfort’ her.

To get results…to get different results, you’ve got to make different choices. So let’s replay the scenario with different choices.

The 2nd week starts out with great intention but then on day 3, she’s stressed and tired. Instead of skipping her workout, Suzie decides to take a relaxing YIN yoga class rather than the intense workout she had planned.  She feels super relaxed and decides she’s too tired to cook so she heads to the supermarket and picks up premade ingredients for a big salad. Once home, she feeds the family, makes some tea and feels more relaxed than she expected. She texts a friend and plans to meet her tomorrow for a workout.

Suzie made 2 new choices in the above scenario that kept her on track. And they were simple ones, really, when you think about it.

Yeah, yeah, I know….easier said than done.

But if you keep making the same choices, nothing changes. Ever.

So, how do you even begin to stop making the same choices?

#1. Identify. 

Write down all the habits/actions right now that keep you from getting results. Choose the top 5. Things like going home instead of to the gym or sleeping in instead of getting up to meditate or ordering fries instead of salad. The top 5 actions that keep you from the results you want. (If you need help getting started dealing with your habits, check out this little book of AMAZING!)

#2. Awareness.

Take time to figure out WHY you do those things. Do you not feel worthy of health? Is it what you watched your parents do when you were growing up. Are you a procrastinator? Bring awareness to your WHY.

#3. Create an alternate.

Write down what you ‘could’ do instead of what you regularly do. An alternate. So, instead of going home after work, you pack your exercise clothes into your car the night before and go for a walk or workout right after work. Maybe you start setting your alarm for 10 mins earlier in the morning so you can meditate for 10 mins. Maybe you listen to podcasts in your car instead of getting angry about traffic.

Right now, you can make a different choice that will get you results. You can actually do what I suggested above. Most of us read something and say ‘What a great idea! I’ll do that later.’  Am I right? Hell, yeah. I do it too.

But you could actually just do the above suggestions right now by grabbing a pen and jotting it all down. Takes 5 mins.

Seriously, if you feel stuck in the same old patterns and habits and really don’t know how to get out of them, write it down.

And don’t forget….don’t judge yourself for your habits. They just are what they are.

You have the power to change, you just got to want it.

With love,

Fawn Gill, xo
Your Healthy Living Cheerleader

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