10 Weeks to 10 Lbs

Lose weight, feel great, get your life back! Starting from only $99!

This has been a heavy year physically, emotionally and mentally. If you are ready to shed the weight (literally & figuratively) and move forward feeling your very best, check out my online program.

What Does the 10 Week Program Involve?

The 10 weeks to 10 lbs is an online health and wellness program. It is a holistic and comprehensive program that includes workouts, flexible meal plans, coaching, accountability, community and more all delivered online! It’s flexible! You can purchase each compenent separately or the whole package for best results!

Quick & Efficient Workouts

Get easy to follow, quick & efficient workout videos to do daily. Don’t worry! Minimum equipment needed and you won’t be spending HOURS at it! Pick and choose what works best for your schedule as it’s done all at your pace!

Flexible Meal Plans

Receive delicious, easy to make recipes and flexible meal plans. No crazy restrictions…just healthy, whole food and yes, you can still have some of your favourites;)

Coaching & Accountability

Let’s face it, you’re not going to keep good habits if you’re not working on your mind. Through coaching & accountability you will not only get positive habits but you will stick with them as well!

People who work with a health coach on average lose

10% more 

WEIGHT than those who do not. And are much more likely to keep it off. Just another reason to work with me if you want to lose weight & change habits.

Isn’t It Time You Put Yourself First?

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Like, REALLY did something for yourself? When was the last time you put your needs and goals FIRST?

If you are ready to put your health first and make it a top priority…if you are truly ready to  move forward this program is for you.

Meal Plans

How do you prepare, cook and make healthy, declious meals? Easy! I’ll do (most) the work for you. Meal plans that are easy to make with easy to find ingredients that won’t have you slaving over a stove for hours. High taste, high nutrients that will nourish your body.


Are your habits stopping you from achieving your goals? First you create a habit and then the habit creates you. If you have some habits or thought patterns that are holding you back from achieving your goals, I can help! Through worksheets, questions and reflections learn the triggers that created those habits and how you can change them forever.

10 Weeks of Workouts

I know you are pressed for time so that’s why I designed the workouts to fit into your schedule. Get 10 weeks of workout videos that are 15-30 mins long so you can fit them into your busy schedule. Effective & efficient workouts that will burn fat, tone muscles & torch calories. Get just the 10 weeks of workouts on their own or take the whole program for best results!

10 Weeks to 10 Lbs

The 10 weeks to 10lbs complete program includes all the elements you need to create major positive change in your life. Workouts, meal plans and coaching!

Got some questions?

I've got the answers!
When does the full program start?

April 12th, 2o21. It’s 10 weeks long which is perfect timing to be feeling your best for the summer months!

Who is the program for?

You! If you’ve gotten this far, you are clearly interested in knowing more. This program is for you if you have said ‘Tomorrow I will start….’ and then never did or did start and didn’t stick with it. 

How will I receive the videos & information?

This is a 100% online program. You will receive the information via your email and the private Facebook page.

Do I have to have a FB account?

Yes. If you are participating in the full program you need to have a FB account. It’s easy to set up and and it’s easy to remain private on FB as well. Our page will also be private so no one (other than those in the group) will know you’re there.

What if I'm new to exercise or not very fit?

No problem! All the workouts are geared to various levels. Just go at your own pace!

Why Choose Me As Your Health & Weight Loss Coach?

Over 25 years in the Fitness Industry helping others get fit, lose weight & change habits has given me insight into what works and what doesn’t. I’m a no BS coach that doesn’t believe in quick fixes. Doing the work is what works! And that means consistency, awareness, accountability and self compassion. No fancy diets, no never-seen-before exercises…just the straight up goods to help you feel your very best.

And I’m just like you! As a working single mom to three young ladies, I also struggle to fit in exercise and health eating. I know what works and what doesn’t and I am constantly doing my own work to change my thought patterns.

I am passionate about living health & I am passionate about helping others live healthy. I’m authentic, real & funny AF and I do the work too!



“Fawn is the best”

Tamsyn Hendrickson