Yay for summer! It’s my favourite season because…..SUN & HEAT! Living on the West Coast makes me feel pretty soggy by the end of winter/spring. I just love how summer warms up my bones and gets me ready to handle another wet, cold season. Plus I LOVE the bright mornings and longer evenings.

I can really only come up with positive things about summer except for one thing…. the lack of routine.

Once the kids are out of school and the days get longer and you spend more time on the beach, it’s almost impossible to stick to a dedicated fitness routine. Not to mention all the extra delicious snacky food and beverages that are everywhere. Oh, and patios! How fun are patios???

So what can one do to maintain their fitness routine? Workout at home!

Here’s a truth bomb: It’s more important that you stay consistent with your routine than what you do during your workout. Do you get that? If you just drop exercise altogether, getting back into it is way harder than before. BUT if you keep working out consistency, it doesn’t matter what type of exercise you’re doing.

With that in mind, I have created an at-home no-equipment needed workout you can do in under 30 minutes. It’s flowy and fun and will make you sweat. Don’t think this will be some easy workout. Nope. It’ll challenge you  to work your body and even sweat a bit;)

Here’s what you get with this package…..a workout sheet so you can keep track of your workouts, a video to accompany the workout sheet so you know exactly how to do the exercises, an exercises success tips sheet and the workout explanation. All for only $9.97.

Again, no equipment is required for this workout. Just you and a mat if you have one. If you have a set of dumbbells and want to work with them, that’s great! You can do that, they’re just not needed.

To get your at-home no-equipment workout plan, click right here!

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